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3D Links

These are a few links you may find useful. The list is far from complete and in no particular order but should provide some good starting points.

National Convention:

3D Con 2024 - The  50th National Stereoscopic Association annual convention.


The National Stereoscopic Association - National 3D organization.
International Stereoscopic Union - An international stereo group.
Photographic Society of America - Stereo Division - Just what it says.
Cascade Stereoscopic Club - Local Portland Oregon stereo club.
LA 3D Club - Local Los Angeles stereo club.
Amateur Photographic Exchange Club (APEC) - Stereo view exchange club.
Digital Stereoview Exchange Club (DSEC) - Stereo view exchange club for "digital format".

Interesting 3D Sites:

3D by Dan Shelley - Good link site with lots of stereo related information.
3D Digital Photo - Phantogram site with images for sale.
Boris Starosta - 3D images some for sale.
Phantomphotos - Phantogram site. - Good information source and gateway site.
View Master Homepage - "View Master" related information with some sales.

3D Supplies and Equipment:

3D Concepts - Suppliers of RBT cameras, mounts and projectors.
3D Stereo.Com - Suppliers of 3D related material.
Berezin Stereo Photography Products - Manufacturer and supplier of 3D related material.
Dr T's Stereoscopic 3D Site - 3D books and repair services.
Graphic Media Research - Manufacturer of the "PokeScope" viewer and software.
Rocky Mountain Memories - Suppliers of "Spicer" mounts and other 3D material.
The Stereo Store - Supplier of 3D material, slide duplication and video services.