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The problem with 3D has always been how to look at images. There are three ways 3D images are normally presented: parallel view, cross eye view and anaglyph. The club member images in this gallery are presented in all three formats.

Parallel View

In this format the two images are presented side-by-side with the left image on the left and the right image on the right. While it’s possible to learn to see these images by letting your eyes relax – called “free viewing” – it’s not easy. Fortunately a wide range of devices are available that do make it easy.

Cross Eye View

In this format the right image is on the left and the left image is on the right. You look at them by crossing your eyes. For some people this is very easy.


Most people are familiar with anaglyph images in comic books. These are simple to see using the red / blue 3d glasses most of us have laying around somewhere. The anaglyph process does not always work well with color and must be optimized for each monitor / glasses combination. Don't be surprised if you see 'ghosts' and major color shifts. These images have been optimized for viewing with the American Paper Optics glasses.


All ways of viewing 3D can involve eye strain. If you are not used to viewing 3D you should be careful to limit time spent looking, or trying to look, at any form of 3D.