Georgia 3D


2021 Meetings

Until conditions normalize our meetings will be held on Zoom. We will resume holding our meetings at the Fernbank Science Center at some point in the future. The exact room changes so please ask at the front desk when you arrive. Meetings dates are: December 12th 2020, March 13th 2021, June 12th 2021, and September 11th 2021. All virtual meeings will start at 1:00PM EST. The exact program will change from meeting to meeting but in general will be as follows:

Time Program Item
01:00 Social time
12:00 3D Projection
1:00 Club digital competition
1:45 Break
2:00 Workshop or demonstration
2:45 Q&A and Equipment Display and Show-and-tell
3:30 Breakdown. Attendees meet for dinner afterward on line.

Note: schedule is subject to change