Vol. 14 No. 6 September 2003

Published by Atlanta Stereographic Association 1990,2003


Refocus That Please - by Mike Griffith


THIS MONTH"S MEETING HAS BEEN MOVED TO THE FIRST FRIDAY -- SEPTEMBER 5th. It will be at the Briarcliff Baptist Church. Get off I-85 at Clairmont and turn right on Briarcliff Road. The Church will be on your left. Park near the entrance that says "office". Walk all the way down the hall to the room marked "PAL". Any questions call Mike Griffith 770-925-9085.


We moved it to the first Friday of this month because so many of our severely fanatical members are going to California to watch every existing 3-D movie ever made (for 10 straight days...) We thought we should make use of whatever limited sanity they had before they left... This month's meeting is "Show & Tell". So bring all those great finds you made during the summer, whether made locally or in Charleston.


Also shown at this month's meeting will be the "Historic Charleston" Program. This is the one made up of my collection of old views of Charleston that were re-taken by Larry for projection. Larry did an excellent job and everyone who saw the program was highly impressed.


This month's refreshments are by Mike & Dodo. The View-Master reel of Charleston will also be available at this meeting. We start getting together at about 7:30 PM. Hope to see you there.


May competition results


1st Twilight Steve Hughes

2nd Cabin in Smokies Bert Arps

3rd Swoosh Steve Hughes

HM Dolphy Peter Bahouth

HM Fresh Fruit Bill Moll

HM Back to the Barn Bill Moll


1st Oracle Stadium Bill Moll

2nd Looking for Road Kill Bill Moll

3rd Maori Arts & Crafts Suzanne Hughes

HM Highland Estate Winery Suzanne Hughes



A 3DFest is planned for October 18 at the Decatur Public Library. We have a projection room and an exhibit room. Jon golden will be on hand, Terry Wilson will have some of her phantograms, and much more. Come to the meeting with your ideas for a public show of the diversity of 3D from photo historical and collecting to modern cards and slides to recruit more members.


The ISU Club Folio needs 10 slides, preferably one each from 10 different members. Bring 3 or 4 slides to select from so we can show how good the ASA is! We will figure out how to dupe them at the meeting. With Steve, Bert, Peter, Bill M., Huck, Larry, Marilyn, Lamar, Lee, Vince, Bill W., Ken, Tim, Suzanne and others to contribute, that should be no problem.