Vol. 15 No. 4                                                                                                                          April 2004

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Refocus That Please - by Bill Moll

This month’s program will be the PSA Sequence Show and Making Stereo Card workshop.  The Sequence show has gotten good reviews from other clubs who have presented it.  It is always interesting, but appears to be even better this year.

Steve Hughes will give a workshop on making stereo cards.  This will be a reprise of his practical demonstration at the 3DFest.  Steve has made his card mounting into a creative venture.  Unlike slides, where the mount becomes important only if it doesn’t keep the chips stable in the projector, the card mount is an integral part of the card image.  Historic cards often have a back which is as inspiring as the front.  The design and presentation of the overall card is a major element of Steve’s workshop.

The meeting is the 3rd Friday of this month – April 16.  Bert Arps will provide the refreshments. We will meet at 7:30 PM at the Congregational Church @ 2676 Clairmont Road (about 1 1/2 blocks south of I-85) This is the Church up the winding road, through the woods.  If you have any questions, call Bill @ 706-859-7726.

There were 16 people at the March meeting for the Georgia theme competition and Ted Baskin’s Sputnik workshop.

March’s competition results were:


First                 Essential Waterfall                             Al Hess

Second             Anti-bellum Home - Newnan             Bert Arps

Third                Agrirama Blacksmith Shop                 Bill Moll

HM                  Hookey at the Rock Hole                  Al Hess

HM                  School’s Off – Snow Day                  Al Hess

HM                  Centennial Spouts                              Huck Devenzio

HM                  Sky Tram                                          Larry Moor


First                 Toooot                                              Larry Moor

Second             Choo Choo Trains                             Larry Moor

Third                Front of Work                                   Ed Ganger


Sputnik workshop


Ted Baskin’s workshop consisted of three pointers on how to tune-up your Sputnik – reduce internal reflections with flocking, adjust the focus and check the shutter speeds.


Ted handed out a description of how to flock the Sputnik, a cutting diagram for the correct sizes and flocking samples.  The flocking eliminates light reflections in the light path from the lens to the film when taking photos.  Additionally, Ted recommended adding some foam to the doors to eliminate light leaks, since they occur even with baffles molded in the door edges.


Adjusting the focus is fairly simple with the Sputnik.  Ted demonstrated which pieces to remove and screws to loosen.  He also used a very simple “frosted glass” – just a piece of slide glass taped to an inexpensive loupe.  The tape acts as the frosting and is a lot simpler and cheaper than finding a frosted glass or a big focus screen from a camera.  Ted recommended adjusting the focus at the setting of 15 feet.  This is the primary focus for his photos.  (This is a good recommendation.  The mechanical movements for focus are just approximate.  If you set it correctly for 15 feet on the dial, it won’t get too far off in setting the dial in the 7 to 25 foot range.  This takes care of 99% of the main objects in your photos.  If you set it to be correct at the infinity dial setting, the focus at the 10 foot dial setting can be pretty far off.)


Ted also checked the shutter speed of various Sputniks.  Unlike many other stereo cameras, the shutters are not linked.  The two speeds can be quite different.  Additionally, they may vary from shot to shot.  The shutter from a Lubitel (available cheaply everywhere) is the same as the Sputnik, so it can be used to get a good match between the two shutters.


Ted demonstrated several other improvements, including a hand grip shutter release attachment, various lens shades and some other lenses which made a really sharp looking stereo camera.


Sputnik references from Ted


Sputnik ready to shootFront viewOnline Sputnik manual:

Very good link to Sputnik pages which contain even more links to equally good sites:

The most advanced Sputnik modification that he has seen:

Flock paper - Edmund Scientific, Protostar (make sure that you get adhesive back)

Light trap foam - Mircotools (micro-tools.com)  make sure you type the dash
(This imported $35 kit contains five 10" X 10" self-adhesive sheets of varying thicknesses)
http://www.micro-tools.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code= MT&Product_Code=LBMM-KIT(The $20 kit may not be self-adhesive.)

Opened case 






Future workshops


At the February meeting, there was a discussion of potential workshop programs.  Examples which I recall are:


Stereo window

Changing the window on-screen using the Brackett device

Examples of different windows on the impact of the resulting image



Using different mounts to improve the image through eliminating extraneous material, emphasizing the main subject or fixing mounting problems


Ortho viewing

Effect of the differences in focal length between the taking and projecting lenses

Effect of the viewer’s position relative to the screen and projector on the realism of the image


Slide show program

            How to develop a slide show for presentation with dissolve, music, etc.

            Mounting issues and sequencing considerations


Problem slides

Examples of problems with mounting or images and how they can be fixed


If you have ideas for other workshop programs or a specific workshop for which you would like to volunteer, please let me know.  The workshops do not have to be about slides or mechanical in nature, just about 3D photography.  The schedule for next year is currently empty!



Theme competitions


The primary lesson learned from our “Georgia” theme for March was that our club doesn’t take many slides in Georgia.  I would like to develop a slide show of Georgia.  Since we are starting from such a low existing stock (except for Bert), perhaps we should do a show for north Georgia to make it a bit easier.  If you are interested in creating such a show, let’s discuss it before the meeting Friday – the 3rd Friday.


February 2005 3DFest/regional NSA meeting


I will bring this topic to a vote at the April meeting.  It is probably too late to do PSA competition, but we can do a stereo theater, exhibit room, workshops and trade show without too much trouble.  I think that we can continue to grow the local club and give a boost to the regional 3D membership with such an event.  February 12-13 looks like the weekend which would avoid known conflicts.


If the club agrees, I will start looking for a facility.



Dues are due!!!! Pay them to Marilyn Morton.


April                 Bert Arps

May                 Les Heyward

September        Dodo Griffith