Vol. 15 No. 8                                                                                                                        October 2004

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Refocus That Please - by Bill Moll

This month’s program will be the Club Competition, a Phantogram workshop by Steve Hughes and 3DFest 2005 planning.  This is still daylight savings time, so the meeting will start with the workshop.  We will then have a short discussion-making discussion of the 3DFest followed by refreshments. Then we will have the club competition.  The last few competitions have had a lot of antique slides entered.  That is cool – who sees Nehru suits anymore?  However, I know that most of you have rolls of unmounted images hanging around the house.  Take some time and mount them for this month.  We ran over the 10 PM time last month, so we need to start on time and keep moving.

The September meeting was another well-attended meeting, with 21 people almost filing the room. Uwe Trode  and David McBride were new attendees.  Bonnie gave an interesting discussion of her work with chromadepth drawings.  This is quite a different world from photographs, but shares the feature that there are really two images – with and without 3D.  I would like to have more workshops on the creative side of 3D.  Any volunteers or suggestions?

There were some intriguing show and tells, with Mike Griffith entertaining us with tales about his stereocard finds, Larry with some new VM items and Steve’s prize-winning “accidental” 3D presidential stereocard exhibit, among other reports.

The meeting is the 2nd Friday of this month –October 8. We will meet at 7:30 PM at the Congregational Church @ 2676 Clairmont Road (about 1 1/2 blocks south of I-85) This is the Church up the winding road, through the woods.  If you have any questions, call Bill @ 706-859-7726.

Other stuff


Suggestions for a new meeting place are dribbling in.  There appear to be more options the further you get from Atlanta and Interstates L.


Thom Benson trekked down from Signal Mountain and rode with me to the meeting.  He had some good suggestions for the publicity for the 3DFest and some questions about 3d photography.  He also had lots of rolls from his Sputnik, which may be the best untuned Sputnik in existence (Ted Baskin helped him locate it).


I gave him all kinds of great advice, which turned out to be a bit humbling.  For instance, I told him to mount some slides before accumulating too many rolls – you can learn a lot from seeing what you actually shot (I have 10 rolls hanging upstairs).  Also, I suggested picking a film and sticking to it – otherwise you can’t tell how to set your camera for best exposure, even if you do write down the camera settings (I have 6 different types of slide film, despite buying a couple cases of Velvia for my refrigerator).


A separate issue was how to share the great medium format slides which several club members are taking.  Although I view the competitions as sharing and not a cut-throat event, it does spur us on to get the Realist slides and cards mounted and sorted for quality.  How should we do that for MF?

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Program – Club Competition & Phantogram Workshop