Vol. 14 No. 8                                                                                                                    November 2003

Published by Atlanta Stereographic Association © 1990,2003


Refocus That Please - by Mike Griffith


There is an old saying: "Lead, follow, or get out of the way!" I've decided to get out of the way.

So at this next meeting we will be accepting nominations for President. I have liked coming to

the meetings and just talking and relaxing after a day's work. Unfortunately, such an approach

doesn't lend itself to growth in membership or ideas in the club. There are a number of members

that have the time, the energy and the enthusiasm to try new things. I think it's time to let some

other people have a go at this. Lamar would also like to turn the Vice Presidency over at this

time.  Make no mistake, Larry still does the lion's share of the work, but it is up to the President

to coordinate things and have the meetings run smoothly.


This month's meeting is the 2nd Friday of this month -- NOVEMBER 14th. We will meet at the

Congregational Church @ 2676 Clairmont road (about 1 1/2 blocks south of I-85) This is the

Church up the winding road, through the woods.  Any questions call Mike @ 770-925-9085.

Last month's meeting was Competition night and some fantastic slides were presented. Bill will

fill you in on the winners.


Refreshments this month are by Suzanne and Steve Hughes.  We will nominate new officers at this November Meeting and Vote in December.  Hope to see you all there on the 14th !

Meeting Schedule

7:00-7:30 PM     socialize, show&tell

7:30-8:00 PM     Film 3D cameras from the 1970’s and later

8:00-                     View-Master projection; View-Master style cameras and cutters



First Place                        Ginko In Its Glory                       Bert Arps

Second Place                   Roy Looks Tasty                         Larry Moor

Third Place                       Rush                                              Peter Bahouth

Honorable Mention         My Charleston Home                 Suzanne Hughes

Honorable Mention         Cold Creek Manor                      Steve Hughes

Honorable Mention         Flowered Gate                             Suzanne Hughes

Honorable Mention         Any Comments?                          Steve Hughes



First Place                        Famous Fighters - Vampire        Steve Hughes

Second Place                   Klingman's Dome                        Steve Hughes

Third Place                       Rotorua's Famous Mud Pools    Suzanne Hughes

Honorable Mention         War Aftermath                             Bill Moll




3D Camera exhibitions:

Last month we discussed cameras from the 1950s and 1960s. I brought in a plethora of cameras to show, along with some printed information about the cameras.  Larry, I and others commented on costs, characteristics and other features. The session was successful, with a couple exceptions.  I had not used all of the cameras and couldn’t give much information on several, I didn’t have any handouts of the information on the cameras, and there really wasn’t enough time to cover that many cameras.


This month, we will try to correct those issues.  We will only cover 35 mm film cameras, saving the digital cameras until December, to allow more time per camera.  Actual users will bring in the cameras, so they will be able to make better comments on the cameras.  I may or may not have handouts.  The references which I used were The Technical Page by Charles A. Piper, available from the Stereo Club of Southern California, and Stereo Cameras Since 1930 by Werner Weiser, available at better bookstores everywhere.


Cameras which we would like to cover are RBT, Nimslo, Techno-Nimslo, FED, beamsplitters and??  There are several varieties of the RBT and FED, so bring yours in – this is a club session since I have no FEDs or RBTs.












View-Master Night:

This is an opportunity to see new View-Master reels projected.  We will have the latest from Mike Kaplan, the new Lookout Mountain and Rock City reels and other recent productions.  If you have something, please bring it in.


In addition, during the break in the View-Master projection, I will discuss in some VM and Meopta cameras and cutters.  Rumor has it that Cynthia Morton Chapman will fly in for a demonstration of VM mounting.  Otherwise, I will try to cut and mount a reel to project.




3D Fest:

The 3D Fest was held on October 18, 2003, at the Decatur public Library and was a success.  The 3DFest was a one day event inspired by the Cascade club's two day affair.  It was held in a central library facility with a projection theater and an exhibit/workshop room. The goals of the event were to get 5-6 new active club members, to showcase a wide range of excellent 3D for the public and to learn how to conduct a 3D event for the general public. Those were all met.


One of my big learnings was how much interest and enthusiasm children can have for 3D. One boy spent at least an hour at the exhibit looking at every thing in detail. After looking through about 40 medium format slides in the viewer, he looked at Ted and said "your stuff is really tight". The video game generation can appreciate good 3D.


We also learned something about how to schedule and advertise the event. For maximum attendance, don't schedule on a nice football Saturday in October!  Secondly, the newspaper calendars didn't pull in any people. Our draw came from the library flow, Internet discussion groups, Marilyn’s posters at ACA, shop posters and Freeview.  Participants included Bert Arps, Marilyn Morton, Bill and Krys Walton, Steve and Suzanne Hughes, Bill Moll, Mike Griffith, Larry and Julia Moor, Huck DeVenzio, Robert Dallas, Ted Baskin, Peter Bahouth, Les Hayward, Debbie and Al Hess, Don Handy, Bonnie Jean Woolger, plus the general public.



·         The Virtual MuseumPhantograms, visually stunning set of anaglyph images, by Terry Wilson

·         3D Slides as Art –  Peter Bahouth stereo slides showing the stereo image as an art form

·         Basic Training – Images from Bill Walton’s book, Back To Basics

·         Pre-Olympic Trials – A group of images in “over and under” format by Ken Kistner

·         Western Landscapes  - Stereo card and large format images by David Lee

·         Southern History in 3D – Showing Civil War Atlanta, the Atlanta Road Race of 1909 and Atlanta – Then and Now [Mike Griffith]

·         Digital Exchange Views – A collection of images presented in a modern, easy to produce format [Suzanne Hughes]

·         American Photographic Exchange Club III – Traditional stereo cards of modern stereo photographers [Steve Hughes]

·         Lenticulars – A wide variety of lenticulars, both commercial and artistic [Huck DeVenziio]

·         Antique Tissue Stereo Cards – A collection of tissues that change when illuminated from behind [Bill Moll]

·         Medium format slides and equipment – Ted Baskin shared the world of medium format 3D

·         Slide bar 3D – Bert Arps brought the slide bar setup used for some of his great landscapes

·         Twinned digital –  Don Handy displayed his twin digital rig with laser sights


Stereo Theater 3D Slide Shows:

·         Atlanta Stereographic Association - Members of the Atlanta 3D club present their own modern images

·         Sgt. Pepper’s – Larry Moor’s artistic interpretation

·         Historic Richmond  Rare images of Richmond

·         Civil War Charleston  A set of images taken from stereo cards produced around the time of the Civil War

·         Terra Cognitio


·         Stereo Card Making –  How to make your own stereo cards using simple tools and materials [Steve Hughes]

·         Slide Mounting –  How to mount 3D slides including the use of modern plastic mounts and tools [Steve Hughes]

·         3D Antique Road Show –  3D images explained and valued [Mike Griffith]













photo by Suzanne Hughes                                                 photo by Suzanne Hughes                                                                                     photo by Bill Moll