Vol. 19 No. 5 May 2008

Published by Atlanta Stereographic Association 1990, 2008


Refocus That Please - by Ralph Reiley

At last month's meeting we had 19 people present, and we got to see the PSA traveling show. 3 judges were chosen, Lee Pratt, Virginia Dunbar and Andrea Shetley. Our expert judges had the difficult task of choosing a 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, and 5 honorable mentions from some of the best stereo photographers working today. It was a difficult job, but the judges prevailed, and the best 8 photos of the group were chosen. We also had some last minute planning for Fernbank, for the following day.


April 12, 2008, Girl Scout Day at Fernbank - a day to remember in ASA history. The Fernbank exhibit, for Girl Scout Day, was very interesting, and I do not think it could have gone any better. We had an excellent and interesting display of items provided by Steve and Suzanne Hughes, Bill Moll and Uwe Trode. Ken Kistner, Marilyn Morton, Larry Moor and I were also on hand to staff the display and act as guides. Items in the display included: a rotary slide viewer with photos from Taiwan from 40 years ago, a lenticular of The Duke (John Wayne), various antique stereoviews of interest to Girl Scouts, many of Steve and Suzanne's excellent phantograms, and phantograms and lenticulars brought in by Uwe, as well as anaglyph glasses and phantograms of futuristic communication devices that were give-aways.


Our exhibit was very popular with the 2000 or so visitors at the museum that day, and we had some stiff competition for attention. We got there at 9:00 am, to set up. At 10:00 they opened the doors. Things started off kind of slow, but from 11:00 on, we had a steady crowd around our display. At 2:00 we had to shut down the display, and at that time we still had a large crowd.


Steve's Galapagos tortoise and sea lion were especially popular with everyone. It was a tremendous group effort. Everyone who formed the Fernbank team put in 100% or more, and we had a very successful display, thanks to the hard work of the Fernbank team, who all received a well earned Fernbank patch. I think we learned a few things about organizing the display, but over all, on a ten point scale, our display was an 11. With a few little tweaks, it could be a 12.


I have just received a letter from Fernbank thanking us for our effort. I believe we made a very good impression on them, and I believe we will be invited back next year.


This month's program will be a Canon cameras and StereoDataMaker (SDM) workshop and club competition night [http://stereo.jpn.org/eng/sdm/index.htm]. SDM can synchronise twinned cameras up to 1/16,000sec and synch flash at shutter-speeds up to 1/1000 sec. Bring in your digital and stereocards share them for the competition. We will not have film slide competition this month, due to time constraints and to give Larry some relief.


The meeting is the 2nd Friday of this month May 9th. We will meet at 7:30 PM at the Congregational Church @ 2676 Clairmont Road (about 1 1/2 blocks south of I-85) This is the Church up the winding road, through the woods. If you have any questions, call Bill Moll @ 706-859-7726. We will meet at the Fortune Cookie in Loehmann's Plaza at Briarcliff and North Druid Hills at 5:30 PM for dinner before the meeting.


Bert Arps, a great 3D photographer and a fine fellow, passed away in March. He spent several years packing and preparing for his move back to NW Ohio, and, apparently, just made it in time.






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Program Digital and Stereocard Competition Night and

Canon Digital cameras and StereoDataMaker






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