Vol. 18 No. 4                                                                                                                     March 2007

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Refocus That Please - by Bill Moll

This month’s program will be club competition night, elections, and a workshop on printing stereo cards. Several of you haven't entered lately, so should have some really great material for the competition.  We will use the club judging process as used in January.  The competition is for both cards and Realist-format slides.  If you bring over/under cards, be sure to bring a viewer.


Steve and Suzanne Hughes will talk about printing stereo cards on different printers at different resolutions and how this affects the output when you view them with different viewers. Examples will be on hand.


There is an elaborate process for elections, I am told.  However, since I don't recall it ever being used and we don't have any by-laws or constitution, I don't know much about it.  We need the following officers:




And the following positions:

Competition Director

Newsletter Editor


Projectionist - Larry has a lifetime appointment 

Webmasters – Steve and Suzanne Hughes, also lifetime


Dues are due for 2007!!!!  Pay to Marilyn Morton. 


The meeting is the 2nd Friday of this month –March 9th. We will meet at 7:30 PM at the Congregational Church @ 2676 Clairmont Road (about 1 1/2 blocks south of I-85) This is the Church up the winding road, through the woods.  If you have any questions, call Bill Moll @ 706-859-7726.


February meeting report:

The 4th Georgia 3D Fest was an artistic success but an attendance failure.  The card exhibits were fine, the docent talks went well and the two workshops were a success and the lenticular display outstanding.  We had the mirror viewer, the Sharp lenticular screen, medium format slide viewers and a good assortment of vintage materials for sale.  The projections, both digital and film, went well and the screen dents came out before the projection.  All we needed was more attendees.


It then occurred to me that we send emails to the same people every year and expect attendance to increase.  My Presidential campaign platform is that we need to get out in the world a bit more, if we want the world to take notice of us.  That means things like running a 3D photo workshop for kids at the Fernbank Science Center, participating in the Atlanta Celebrates Photography event, etc.


W. Moll

Editor, Freeview

608 Rains Circle

Summerville, Georgia 30747










Program – Club Competition Night, Officer Elections,

Printing Stereo Cards





DUES - Dues for 2006 are $20.  The special rate for couples is still $30 and the rate for non-local members remains at $10.  Please pay Marilyn Morton at a meeting, or mail her a check made out to Atlanta Stereographic Association.  Mail to Marilyn Morton, 1139 ˝ St. Louis Pl., Atlanta, Georgia 30306

MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION - Information regarding membership in the club can be obtained by calling Bill Moll at 706-859-7726 or WHMoll@AOL.com

WEBSITE – Our website is Georgia3D.com.  It contains information about the ASA and 3D in general.  If you have information to add to the site, contact Steve or Suzanne Hughes directly or through the website

                                                              2006-2007 Atlanta Stereographic Association Officers

President – Bill Moll

Vice President – Bert Arps

Treasurer/Membership - Marilyn Morton

Projectionist – Larry Moor

Hospitality – Marilyn Morton

Librarian & NSA Representative - Mike Griffith

Webmasters – Steve and Suzanne Hughes

Newsletter Editor - Bill Moll – 706-859-7726, whmoll@AOL.com