Vol. 16 No. 7 August 2005

Published by Atlanta Stereographic Association 1990,2005


Refocus That Please - by Bill Moll

There were 13 people at the May meeting. Therefore, we will resume meeting on Friday nights at the Church, starting with September 9.


However, our next meeting will be our almost-annual meeting at the lake, Sunday, August 14, from 2 PM -5 PM. Larry Moor has graciously invited us to the lake grounds, located near Gwinnett Mall, just off of I-85 heading north. A map is printed below and there will be a sign on the gate. The topics will include planning the programs for the 2005-2006 year, show-and-tell, tales from the Irving NSA Convention, and avoiding a sunburn. The club will provide a cooler with ice. You are responsible for bringing your own drinks and any little snacks to share. After the meeting, there are many local restaurants to go for a 3D dinner, if anyone so desires.


For questions, call Bill Moll at 706-859-7726. See you there!













W. Moll

Editor, Freeview

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Program Planning, Show-and-tell,

Irving NSA report, Fun



5DUES - Dues for 2005 are $20, but are prorated $5 quarterly for new members. The special rate for couples is still $30 and the rate for non-local members remains at $10. Please pay Marilyn Morton at a meeting, or mail her a check made out to Atlanta Stereographic Association. Mail to Marilyn Morton, 1139 St. Louis Pl., Atlanta, Georgia 30306

MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION - Information regarding membership in the club can be obtained by calling Bill Moll at 706-859-7726 or WHMoll@AOL.com

WEBSITE Our website is Georgia3D.com. It contains information about the ASA and 3D in general. If you have information to add to the site, contact Steve or Suzanne Hughes directly or through the website

2004-2005 Atlanta Stereographic Association Officers

President Bill Moll

Vice President Bert Arps

Treasurer/Membership - Marilyn Morton

Projectionist Larry Moor

Hospitality Marilyn Morton

Librarian & NSA Representative - Mike Griffith

Webmasters Steve and Suzanne Hughes

Newsletter Editor - Bill Moll 706-859-7726, whmoll@AOL.com